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  • MORzA Apartment
    With everything you need to protect your home and identify a suspect in the event of a break-in,...>>
    Sale $99.00
  • MORzA Rental Property
    Designed with building owners in mind, this package features emergency sensors and a smart lock for ...>>
    Sale $299.00
  • MORzA Home Security System: Sentry Package
    Featuring a state-of-the-art control panel, two wireless door/window sensors and an IR motion...>>
    Sale $99.00
  • MORzA + Fire
    This home security package features everything you need for total home protection, from vandalism...>>
    Sale $159.00
  • MORzA Control
    Featuring a host of sensors and appliance modules, this unique home automation and security package ...>>
    Sale $199.00
  • MORzA BnB
    Featuring programmable locks and a host of sensors, this home security system has everything you...>>
    Sale $299.00
  • MORzA Complete
    This complete package features every aspect of MORzA security, from smart sensors and alarms to...>>
    Sale $579.00
  • MORzA Standard Monitoring
    Get the best in basic home security with full time central station monitoring for only $29.99 per...>>
    Sale $159.00

Brickhouse Security provides a wide range of wireless home alarm systems to meet your needs and your community's restrictions. Wireless home alarm systems are often equipped with high-grade motion sensors to detect the presence of intruders sooner. The warning system consists of either an audible alarm, light activation or a combination of the two. Portable heat sensing alarms are also available to detect body heat while a glass-breaking sensor alerts homeowners to slight vibrations on glass surfaces that may indicate breaking or tampering. Read more.