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Inventory, real estate and employees are usually the most costly business expenses. Protecting them is essential to reducing expenditures caused by vandalism or theft. Office alarms can help your employees feel safe, deter burglars and may reduce your insurance premiums. Additionally, employees may be more willing to work late if they know the premises are secure. BrickHouse Security provides a comprehensive selection of outdoor surveillance cameras and business alarms that can help provide protection for your commercial grounds or interior space.

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  • MORzA Mobile Surveillance Kit
    Completely portable and covered by central station monitoring, this loss prevention kit features...>>
  • MORzA Small Business
    State-of-the-Art MORzA security designed specifically for a small business with one or two...>>
    Sale $99.00
  • MORzA Custom
    Start with a state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel and build your perfect system. The only...>>
    Sale $69.00
  • MORzA Standard Monitoring
    Get the best in basic home security with full time central station monitoring for only $29.99 per...>>
    Sale $159.00
  • MORzA Complete
    This complete package features every aspect of MORzA security, from smart sensors and alarms to...>>
    Sale $579.00