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Not long before I joined BrickHouse, two old friends endured the kind of ordeal that fills every parent with fear.

Robin and John both work outside their home during the day. They had a full-time nanny to care for their 11-month-old son, Brandon. Their nanny had been with them since their son was born, and they had hired her only after diligently checking her references, which were excellent.

One Thursday afternoon, Robin came home from work during lunch. The house seemed empty at first, but then she heard Brandon crying. She found her son in a crib in his bedroom.

Brandon was fine, but where was his nanny?

After checking the house and the yard, Robin realized that her 11-month-old had been left alone. She sat down on her couch, collected herself and waited for her nanny to come back.

More than an hour and a half went by before the nanny finally walked in the door.

Predictably, the scene that followed wasn't pretty. Robin fired her nanny on the spot and she and John thought seriously about filing criminal charges against their formerly trusted caregiver.

As Robin and John interviewed new nannies for Brandon, they added an important new feature to their home. Their son's bedroom and their family room are now equipped with motion-activated nanny cams from BrickHouse. Compact and discreet, the cameras include built in digital video recorders and look like common household objects (in this case, an alarm clock in Brandon's room and a tissue box in the family room).

Whenever they choose, Robin and John can view high quality recordings of Brandon and get an accurate sense of the kind of care his nanny is providing. In addition to supplying incredible peace of mind about their son's safety, the recordings help the couple feel much more connected to his daily life.


After spending most of my career writing and editing technology magazines, I joined BrickHouse in late 2011. Before I started, I knew that my new company offered some of the most exciting tech on the planet—from powerful real-time GPS tracking devices to thumb-sized high resolution video cameras. I also knew our customer service was the best in the business. And I knew we were growing fast.

I thought our world-class technology and our obsessive focus on customer service were the main reasons behind our success.

Turns out I was wrong.

I learned that we were thriving as a company because we helped Robin and
John solve their problem. It's really that simple: BrickHouse solves problems.

We show our customers how to use technology to get the reassurance and
clarity they need—and to answer some of the most important questions in
their lives:


I'm part of a group demographers like to refer to as "The Sandwich Generation." The name has nothing to do with cold cuts. Sandwich Generation people like me are simultaneously responsible for the care of their young children (my girls are 9 and 12) and one or more aging relative (my father just turned 92).

My first couple of weeks at BrickHouse gave me a unique view into how our company can help Sandwich Generation caregivers—and anyone who's responsible for the day-to-day safety and comfort of a loved one.

We live in New York City, and my 12-year-old daughter Lyn has been riding public transportation by herself for a couple of years now. I've been worried about her ever since the first time she stepped onto a city bus or boarded a subway. Sure, she has a cell phone, but I decided it wasn't good for her independence or fair of me to ask her to call or text every time she gets where she's going safely.

Enter the BrickHouse Spark Nano 3.0, one of the most popular products we sell.

The Spark Nano also gives me incredible peace of mind and keeps me from worrying about my elderly father. My dad lives full time with my sister, but he spends about six weeks at our place every year. He's doing great for a 92-year-old, but his eyesight and balance have deteriorated to the point that I worry about him walking around New York City by himself—even if he's only going a few blocks.

If you've ever dealt with a fiercely independent parent as they age, you know it's extremely tough to forbid them from leaving the house while you're at work. With the Spark Nano, I don't have to.

I attached the Spark Nano to my dad's house keys. He just drops it into his jacket pocket on his way out the door. Now I know when he goes out during the day, and even more important, I know when he gets back home safely.

Problem solved.

The Spark Nano is a portable, real-time GPS tracker. I just dropped the tiny device into Lyn's backpack (it's much smaller than most cell phones). Now I can find out where she is at any time—and I can check in on her location from any smartphone or computer anywhere in the world. All I need is Internet access. And I can do it without bothering her or forcing her to call in. After the second day, she even forgot the device was in her backpack.

Even better, the Spark Nano, and all the real-time GPS trackers BrickHouse sells, allow me to set multiple "geofences" with location alerts via text.
I just log onto BrickHouse's easy-to-use GPS monitoring site and create an electronic boundary around any area on the map I choose.

I created a geofence around our apartment and another around Lyn's school. It took about 20 seconds to set the whole thing up, and I only had to do it once.

Now, every school morning, Lyn's mother and I get an automatic text sent directly to our iPhones when Lyn gets to school and another every afternoon when she gets home. The Nano even comes with a built-in panic button. If she's in trouble, she just hits the button and we get an instant alert via text-and we can pinpoint her exact location right from our phones until help arrives.

GPS tracking with the Spark Nano has been a revelation. I don't worry about my daughter's commute to and from school anymore—and she doesn't worry about checking in.

As I got deeper into my new job, I learned that BrickHouse offers hundreds of affordable, easy-to-use technology solutions that solve important problems and give our customers the peace of mind they deserve, including GPS tracking, Hidden Cameras, Cell Phone and PC Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Counter Surveillance solutions. I invite you to explore our site to learn more. We've recently re-designed it to make your shopping experience easier and more rewarding. I'm confident you'll find that when you need to know your family, your business and your property are safe, BrickHouse has the answers.

Marc Horowitz
Creative Director
BrickHouse Security

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