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Getting the Answers and Peace of Mind You Need

Are you concerned about online predators communicating with your daughter? Worried that your teenage son is texting inappropriately? Is your business suffering because your employees are spending too much time on non-work-related websites? Here's how to solve your problems.

Mobile Phone Monitoring

BrickHouse mobile phone monitoring technology allows you to track the most popular smartphones on the market. Just choose the solution designed specifically for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry and you can read texts, call histories, contact lists, calendar appointments and much more, even after they've been deleted.

All you need is access to the smartphone for a brief period of time. Once you've plugged the device and the phone into your computer, you can monitor the phone's activity privately from any laptop or PC.

You can also monitor many prepaid and standard cell phones with the BrickHouse cell phone SIM card reader. Just keep in mind that in order to be compatible with the reader, the phone must store data to a SIM card (not its internal memory or an SD card).

It's also important to remember that all cell phone monitoring devices are designed to be used only on phones you own or phones the owner has given you permission to monitor.

PC Monitoring

When you need to know what's happening on almost any computer, look to a BrickHouse PC monitoring solution.

There are several excellent ways to monitor computer usage. For Mac and Windows PCs, a USB keystroke recorder (also known as a key logger) is a simple yet powerful tool. Just plug it in between your keyboard and your PC. It looks like a standard connector, but it begins recording every keystroke on any target computer the minute it's connected, including passwords. And its NetPatrol Search function lets you see websites visited and more.

Plus, you can capture data from one computer and view it on another – just unplug it from the host computer, attach it to any PC, including laptops, and you're ready to start getting the answers you need instantly.

In addition to their primary usage as computer monitoring tools, USB key loggers are also great for backing up your files and securely and efficiently storing passwords or other sensitive data. If you need to monitor a computer but can't leave any hardware connected to it, check out the BrickHouse Stealth iBot Computer Spy Deluxe.

The Stealth iBot installs in seconds and covertly records everything a person does on any Windows computer, including laptops. You can store up to 10,000 screenshots and virtually unlimited text of all types, including emails, chat messages, websites and more. Just plug it into a PC's USB port, wait a few seconds and remove it. There's no hardware left behind.

When you need to monitor a Windows PC remotely, the Stealth iBot Deluxe is your best choice. Plug it into your target computer, remove it in 15 seconds and you're ready to capture everything you need to know remotely via email. Get instant email alerts when the user enters specific keywords or phrases – even get screenshots from the computer you're monitoring sent to your email account at any interval you select. You can also retrieve the information manually at any time simply by plugging the Stealth iBot Deluxe back into the host computer.

Monitoring Your Mac

If you need to see what’s happening on a Mac, check out SPECTOR PRO and eBLASTER computer monitoring software. SPECTOR PRO continually takes snapshots of the computer screen as frequently as once a second, or screen snapshots may be captured based on user activity, such as mouse clicks, page scrolling, or new web page visits. This gives you an extremely accurate and visual view of what the user has been doing on the computer. Reviewing the recordings is simple with easy-to-use, video-style controls.

Advanced surveillance screen snapshot recording allows you to see not only what your child or employee does on the computer and Internet, but in the EXACT order they do it, step by step.

eBLASTER software automatically emails detailed Internet activity reports to you as frequently as you choose. These reports include all keystrokes typed, all online searches, all websites visited, all emails sent and received and more. eBLASTER captures this information the moment it is sent or received and immediately forwards an exact copy to your email address for you to review. Setup is fully customizable and easy. You can even target specific keywords that, when typed, will automatically trigger an alert sent directly to you. eBLASTER also enables you to restrict access to certain websites.

Once the software has been installed to a host computer, you never need to visit that computer again. Every keystroke the user enters can be viewed via the Internet from any computer. The powerful monitoring software is undetectable to virtually all anti-virus programs and it can't be uninstalled without a password you select.

As is the case with our cell phone monitoring solutions, keep in mind that PC monitoring software is designed to be used only on computers you own or those the owner has given you permission to monitor.