When overseeing multiple employees, it can be difficult to keep track of every activity. Employee monitoring devices from BrickHouse Security help prevent misuse of office equipment by tracking employees' phones and computers. Undetectable software and audio recorders help you implement covert employee surveillance. Monitor company phones including landlines, basic cell phones and smart phones to keep track of text messages, conversations, contact lists and mobile sites. All data is stored on your computer for later review. Keep sensitive documents secure with fingerprint flash drives that only you can access. Ensure that everyone is using company equipment appropriately with employee computer surveillance and tracking.

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Cell phone and PC monitoring devices are a great way to ensure employee productivity and guarantee that company devices aren't being abused. A business computer key logger can be used for covert computer monitoring to find out exactly what employees are saying and doing on work computers. Monitor web sites visited, chat histories, and more. These employee tracking devices also allow you to find out how your employees are using company phones. The Cell Phone Recon for Android and BlackBerry and the iPhone Spy Stick enable you to find out what your employees are doing on their work phones. Discover text messages sent (even those that have been deleted), map searches, notes, call logs, contact lists, and more. If you are interested in tracking text message use in older phones our cell phone spy allows you to view data from basic mobile phones.