As a concerned employer, spouse or parent, entrusting a device with as much power and room for abuse as an iPhone is sure to cause some anxiety. With the iPhone Spy Stick, you can put your worries to rest. Find out for sure if your employees are wasting time on company phones, your daughter is sending inappropriate pictures, or where your husband really is when he says he's working late. An iPhone recovery stick can also be a quick and effective way to retrieve and backup your data.

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As its name implies, BrickHouse Security's Xtractr for iPhone lets you extract many data types from any iPhone, including information that's been deleted. What our computer surveillance software does for your PC, this device does for an iPhone. This iPhone recovery stick gives you access to text messages, calendar appointments, call logs, contact lists, notes, and more. The Xtractr for iPhone can even recover information without the presence of the phone if the phone has recently been synced with iTunes. With simple installation and completely covert operation, this iPhone data recovery tool is the perfect way to ensure that iPhones you're monitoring are being properly used. Read more.