Computers and smartphones keep us connected to our families, but they can also connect our kids to trouble. Teens who exchange inappropriate text messages or visit questionable websites could be putting themselves in serious danger, and threatening to take away their phones or computers isn't an effective solution. With BrickHouse Security's selection of effective and discreet computer and phone monitoring tools such as PC monitoring software and cell phone data extractors, you can monitor your teens texting and cell phone habits, and prevent their exposure to online predators and illegal activities.

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  • BrickHouse Xtractr: iPhone
    Recover deleted texts, call histories, location info and much more, now compatible with iOS 8.0.
    Sale $119.95
  • BrickHouse Xtractr: PC
    The go-to forensic data discovery system for law enforcement, this powerful device can recover...>>
    Sale $119.95
  • BrickHouse Xtractr: Android
    From text messages to Internet history and everything in between, this easy-to-use forensic marvel...>>
    Sale $119.95