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Welcome to Brickhouse Electronics. Brickhouse Electronics provide their services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop at Brickhouse Electronics, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.

Sale prices shown on BrickHouse Electronics are in U.S. Dollars (USD). Sales Tax will be added to all orders within Indiana and New York State.

Current billing address and phone information must be included with every order. We accept the following forms of payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, PayPal, Western Union, cashier’s checks, bank checks, company checks, money orders, and international wire transfers. The order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in BrickHouse Electronics' Bank Account.

Credit Card Orders

BrickHouse Electronics reserves the right to request additional information for proof of billing information. For your protection, credit card orders may be delayed while we confirm your billing information. Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number-the address and phone number your credit card company has on file for you. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your order.

Please be aware that once we receive credit card authorization, the funds may be reserved up to 30 days depending on the bank (please check the policy of your lending institution). If you are paying with a Debit Card, make sure you are aware of the limitations on daily withdrawals (if any) of your card. Once your card has been charged, you will receive an invoice for your order. This invoice should not be confused with the order receipt or order acceptance acknowledgment – these are automatic and are sent by our system prior to invoicing.

Other Modes Of Payment Cashier's checks, bank checks, company checks, money orders, and international wire transfers are also acceptable forms of payment. These should be sent, along with a print out of your order, to:

BrickHouse Electronics
980 Ave of the Americas
3rd Floor
New York, NY, 10018

For Domestic & International Wire Transfers, BrickHouse Security holds the right to withhold goods at our discretion or at the advisement of the Bank until the funds have cleared and are considered in good stead or holding. Wire Transfers transactions may be subject to a processing fee.

For bank and company checks, orders will ship only after funds are released from your financial institution to BrickHouse Electronics. This could take up to 10-15 business days after receipt of payment by BrickHouse Electronics. All checks returned unpaid will be subject to a $40.00 returned check fee. Additionally, the check amount will be subject to a 29% interest rate per year, or the highest interest rate permissible by law. On orders being paid for by means other than credit card, availability of the product might change while your payment is in transit or funds are being cleared. BrickHouse Electronics cannot reserve or guarantee continued availability.

To protect our customers from credit card fraud, we may hold an order for further verification if it is being shipped to an address different from the billing address. If the addresses are different, please contact your credit card company to add the alternate shipping address as an authorized secondary address. Your credit card company's phone number can be found on the back of your credit card. We do not ship to unverified shipping addresses as per instructions of the credit card company. This is for your protection and to help maintain a safe online shopping experience. Persons who commit fraudulent activity will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Both the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service are responsible for investigating Internet Fraud Cases. Fraudulent information will be provided to the issuing bank, shipping carriers and networked with our business partners.


Most orders we ship do not require signature on delivery. However, depending on the dollar amount of your order, it may be shipped “Signature Required” for proof of delivery. If you cannot be at the shipping location to sign for your package, please contact the shipping carrier directly with your tracking number to request that they hold the item at your local facility. You can then go to pick up your package at your earliest convenience.

Packages returned to BrickHouse Security due to any of the reasons listed above will be subject to both a restocking fee and the shipping charge to have the package sent back to us. Customers assume responsibility if damaged merchandise is signed for at the time of delivery. All shipments must be inspected at the time of delivery; if you suspect damage, please note 'damaged' with your signature or refuse the entire delivery and call us immediately.


Due to changing cost and availability, we reserve the right to alter our prices. Our pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information listed. However, BrickHouse Security does not assume any responsibility for any errors contained therein nor from orders arising from those errors. We reserve the right to cancel any orders received without notice.

Our prices change often due to supply, demand, specials and other uncontrollable factors. Our Company does not offer price protection. If you place an order and the price is lowered on our website at a later date, we are not obligated to refund the difference.

Please understand that the receipt of an e-mail order confirmation does not constitute the acceptance of an order; it confirms that our system has received your order. Verification of information may be required prior to the acceptance of any order.

We reserve the right to correct any rare pricing errors or other errors on our Web site, to limit the order quantity for any item, and to refuse service to any customer.


Rebates cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon that is offered from BrickHouse Security.

In most cases, once an order is placed, we are not able to cancel the order due to the speed in which we process and ship orders. If you no longer want a product after the order has been placed, please contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization number. If your product has shipped and you refuse delivery, you will be held responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions and possible restocking fees.

To cancel monthly GPS service, please contact our customer service department during normal business hours at 800-654-7966. Please contact us 48 hours before your billing date to avoid being charged for the next month. Purchase of any GPS system constitutes agreeing to activation and monthly service fees chosen upon sale.

Products available for rental are clearly marked on the website. Please note that not all products can be rented. Rentals are notated by a "Rent Now" button as opposed to a "Buy Now" Button.

How does renting from BrickHouse Security work?

The process is simple. Once you order a rental online or from our sales center, we ship the item to you in a box that includes a return label and getting started instructions. When you purchase the item, you will purchase a predetermined amount of time to use the device. It is your responsibility to get the product back to us within the agreed-upon time period. Please reference the "What happens if I do not send the item back in time?" question and answer below for details on what happens if a product is not returned on time.

Should I rent or should I buy?

This decision is totally up to you. Our rental program is designed for customers who do not wish to purchase a device or for those that only need the product for a specific time period. We offer this program as a convenience to our customers. If, for example, you need a product for one month, then you may find it more cost-effective to rent.

How do I pay for a rental unit?

All rentals must be paid for with a credit card at the time of checkout or when the order is placed with a representative. A predetermined price is set for a specific time period. You will not incur any extra fees unless the item is returned late or damaged. Please reference the question and answer "What happens if I do not send the item back in time?" section below for details on what happens when your product is not returned on time.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

No. Return shipping is included in the rental agreement. Once you purchase the unit and the initial shipping, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label so you can send the item back at no cost.

Is a deposit required for a rental?

Yes. We do require a deposit at the time of purchase. A deposit will be charged to your card and held until we receive the item back and confirm that it is in the same condition it was when shipped. As long as you return the item on time and in good working order you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit.

Under what circumstances would my deposit not be refunded?

As long as you return your item on time and in the same condition it was when you received it, you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit. However, if you fail to return the item, or ship it back more than 5 business past your scheduled return date, your deposit will not be refunded. In addition, if we receive the item in non-working condition your deposit will be forfeited. We also reserve the right to withhold up to 25% of the deposit if the item is returned with missing accessories or has been found to have been damaged or abused.

How long does the rental last?

Most of our rental programs are offered for 10 or 30 days. The rental time period options and prices will be detailed for each product individually. Please make sure you pay attention to the rental period when you complete your order and are aware of when the product is due back to us.

How are the rental periods calculated?

The rental period starts the day after your item is delivered (based on the tracking information provided by the shipping carrier). The last day of your rental is defined as they day you ship it back to us (based on the tracking info provided by the shipping carrier). For example, if you purchased a 10 day rental on March 1st and we delivered the item to you on March 3rd then you would need to ship us the item back on March 14th. The day your item is shipped to you and shipped back to us are not counted as part of the rental period. Therefore, you have a full 10 days to use the product. If the date you are due to send the item back falls on a weekend or major holiday then you will not be required to send the item back until the next business day. Please note; failure to ship the item on time will result in the forfeit of your deposit.

What happens if do not send the item back in time?

If your item is not shipped on time you will not be refunded for your deposit. If you wish to renew the rental period you must contact us so that we can charge your credit card to extend the rental period.

What if I want to extend my rental period?

If you wish to renew the rental period then you must contact us so we can charge your credit card and extend the rental period. If we do not hear from you and do not receive the item back we will suspend service and your deposit will be forfeited.

What if I want to keep the item?

If you decide that you want to buy the rental item, please call our toll free line at 1-800-654-7966 and press 1 to speak with a product specialist. We will explain how the process works and the purchase price.

What happens if I lose or damage the item?

If you fail to return the item, or return it late by more than 5 business days, your deposit will not be refunded.
If we receive the item in non working condition your deposit will be forfeited. We also reserve the right to withhold up to 25% of the deposit if the item is returned missing accessories or has been found to be damaged or abused.

Will BrickHouse Security remind me to send my item back?

It is our procedure to remind you via e-mail before your rental period expires. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to understand when your item is due back and to send it back to us in time.

What if I have technical problems with my rental device?

We test all devices when they are returned to us and before they are shipped out to make sure they are in good working order. In the unlikely event that your rental unit does not function, or if it appears that it was damaged during shipping, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible to let us know. If the device is not functioning, we will replace it with one that does, and if there is any damage to the device, this can protect you from losing any portion of your deposit due to damage.

At BrickHouse, we stand behind all of our products for all of our customers. Most issues can be resolved by a quick phone call to our Support team. In the rare case that a product isn't working or fails to meet your needs we'll quickly provide a replacement, exchange, refund or store credit. Please, see our "Returns" page for complete policy information and returns procedures.

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