GPS accessories help you get the best performance from your GPS systems. Whether you are tracking a teen driver's speed or monitoring a fleet of professional delivery trucks, you don't want to lose important location data because a battery went dead or your GPS unit was damaged or lost due to a lack of proper protection. Simple, affordable accessories like cases, mounts and adapters can prevent these problems and others, so you don't have to worry about suddenly losing track of your target or having to replace an expensive device.

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A number of personal and professional situations require undisclosed vehicle tracking. Monitoring a vehicle's whereabouts can reveal a spouse's infidelity, an employee's abuse of company resources or the exact location of sensitive or dangerous materials, so the equipment used to provide essential data needs to be reliable. Accessories designed to enhance and protect vehicle tracking devices make it easier to keep your operation running smoothly. When you attach GPS systems to vehicle exteriors, you expose them to extreme temperatures, rain, snow and hail. Water damage and blunt force can easily damage a sensitive electronic device. While some trackers are weather-proof, others require protection. GPS cases, which are often designed for specific models, provide protection against moisture infiltration, dust, wind and accidental impact. Magnetic mounts attach GPS units securely to metal surfaces; this allows discreet placement for effective covert tracking. Read more.