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Monitor your loved ones, employees and valuables with GPS trackers from BrickHouse Security. We offer a variety of wired and portable, battery-operated tracking devices. Whether you need to track a vehicle, a person or a business asset it’s easy to find the right tracker for your unique needs. Our best GPS trackers come with a host of advanced features, including the ability to get instant text or mail alerts to your smartphone or computer if a person or vehicle enters or exits any area you draw on a map. You can also get instant alerts if a vehicle exceeds any speed you select. Monitor what matters most with BrickHouse GPS tracking devices.

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A GPS tracker functions a lot like a cell phone: it calculates location, speed, and direction data using multiple GPS satellites, and it reports that data via a cellular network. Active trackers, also known as real-time trackers, contain GPS satellite receivers in addition to cellular transmitters, which enable the device to take in location information and transmit information right as it occurs. Passive trackers, also known as GPS loggers, take the information transmitted from GPS satellites and store it, with no means of transmitting the data Read more.