If you live outside of the US, own an international company, or if your loved ones travel overseas for business or pleasure, your security devices should cross the border too. When you need information fast, a global positioning system (GPS) is your best friend. With an international GPS tracking device, you can easily monitor the past and present geographical locations of delivery drivers, associates or loved ones worldwide from your home computer or laptop. Whether you need to supervise a fleet of vehicles or simply keep an eye on a vacationing spouse or teen, BrickHouse Security offers international GPS trackers that fit both your lifestyle and budget.

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BrickHouse tracking devices can take the worry out of international travel even when you can't reach loved ones or employees directly. If their cell phones are not getting a signal, you can still tell if their vehicles are moving and what direction they are headed. Periodically verifying their vehicle location and speed allays fears, especially when they are in countries where violence or natural disaster is common, communications are limited, or governments are unstable. Besides providing reassurance, international GPS trackers may reduce insurance rates and help authorities easily locate a stolen vehicle. If you are a business owner, GPS trackers can increase your profits by helping you improve productivity and eliminate waste or improper use of vehicles. They can also help you provide real-time shipping information for your customers. Read more.