Body Worn Cameras Always Get the Shot

Perfect for covert recording when you're on the move, a body worn camera is an ideal, hands-free way to film. Choose from any number of easy-to-use body worn spy cameras, from hidden camera glasses to a tiny shirt button camera. You'll always be ready to record at a moment's notice. A body worn spy camera also makes a great gift for any extreme sports enthusiast who's looking to record a stunt, or your everyday gadget geek who enjoys on-the-go recording.

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Body worn cameras are not just for police, law enforcement, and investigative personnel: the average consumer may use them too! Whether you are looking to use a body worn camera to record an event such as a concert or festival or extreme sports such a hiking, cycling, or climbing adventure, there are body worn cameras that are designed to meet your needs. Some users want to wear body worn cameras in order to record evidence as well. A body worn camera can be extremely useful in the event of an encounter with a stalker or an accident where evidence may be useful for an insurance claim. BrickHouse Security provides a variety of body worn cameras for these purposes, including hat cameras, pen cameras, tie cameras, keychain cameras, and so many more!