Motion Activated
Hidden Cams Bring Facts into Focus

Our motion activated hidden cameras are invaluable tools for monitoring a nanny or your employees, or catching a clever thief. A motion sensing hidden cam records only when it detects movement in the room, bringing all your evidence into immediate focus. Get the answers you need without wasting video storage space and battery power with a BrickHouse motion activated hidden camera.

Brick House Security Black Box Micro HD Motion Activated Camera
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When you wonder what is going on in your absence at your home or office, motion-activated hidden cameras are the perfect means of detecting unusual activity. Motion-activated cameras are programmed to only record when movement is detected in the area, ensuring that you don’t miss anything happening in your designated field of view. Motion-activated recording is effective and efficient, allowing you to capture exactly what you need to see. There is no need to waste video storage space or battery power recording hours of inactivity when you can get exactly what you need with motion-activated recording.