With everything from high-security combination safes to secret hidden safes encased in any number of household objects, BrickHouse Security offers countless ways to protect your valuables within your home or office. A burglar would never think to look in a spray bottle or soda can. Choose from dozens of major brand-name items that act as diversion safes. With simple screw-off tops, these hidden safes have hollowed-out bodies perfect for housing documents, money, or other valuables that you need to keep safe.

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Hidden safes from BrickHouse Security look like everyday household objects, or brand-name packages. A soda can safe is only the beginning; hide your money or other valuables in everything from hair brushes to candles. Nearly any object can make a secret hidden safe. These secure, easy-to-use diversion safes are perfect for housing important documents, jewelry, or cash. No burglar would think to look in an Ajax bottle or lint brush expecting to find anything of value. These secret hidden safes are also a great place to place a hidden audio recording device. Read more.