Protect Your Team With Top-of-the-Line Self Defense Products

Security personnel, law enforcement agents, and any employees that work out in the field deserve every tool to protect themselves. BrickHouse Security offers a number of professional self-defense solutions including stun guns, pepper spray, and tasers designed for non-lethal personal safety. Know your team is secure when you equip them with self-defense solutions from the industry's most respected brands.

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Self-defense products are available in a variety of styles in order to meet a wide range of needs. Special features and unique designs ensure that you have exactly what you need to keep yourself and your team protected. From tasers and stun guns to professional-grade pepper spray, we offer the best products to help you defend yourself against those who intend to harm you or your team. The products carried by BrickHouse Security are specially designed for use by law enforcement, investigative professionals, security teams, and more. All of our personal protective devices are non-lethal approaches to subduing perpetrators and protecting yourself. Read more.