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From the Experts in Covert Surveillance

Spy Gear You Can Wear

Look to BrickHouse for the state of the art in body worn spy gear. Record audio and video discreetly and hands free with a nondescript pair of sunglasses, a ballpoint pen camera, a wristwatch cam, a baseball cap or almost any common accessory.

Need to See in the Dark?

Sometimes the answers you need can only be found with the lights out. BrickHouse Nightvision cameras and spy scopes give you the gift of night sight. Identify suspects, collect information and gather crucial evidence in any lighting conditions, even total darkness.

Scope it Out

Sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who need high-performance binoculars and viewing scopes. Curated by our security experts, the BrickHouse spyscope collection features the right form factor for any covert surveillance mission.

When is a Book Not a Book?

Diversion safes are an extremely affordable and easy way to hide your valuables in plain sight. For less than $20 you can choose among safes built into books, hairbrushes, water bottles, cereal boxes, canned foods, household cleansers and more.