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Discover your inner James Bond with our huge collection of spy cameras. A spy camera is the perfect video surveillance tool. With a BrickHouse spy cam, the power to know is in your hands. Every surveillance camera and hidden spy camera we sell is rigorously tested to ensure that it will provide you with the highest level of performance and security. When you need to know, look to BrickHouse hidden cameras, spy cams and video surveillance gear.

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  • Gooseneck Camera
    Use this flexible camera to see in tight spaces and connect to a DVR to record your footage.
  • Coat Hook Hidden Camera
    This coat hook hidden cam hangs inconspicuously on your wall and records high-quality video.
  • Insulated Mug DVR
    Carry your coffee and up to 32GB of HD video in this insulated mug camera.
    Sale $249.99
  • High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera
    This stylish bodyworn camera with built-in digital video recorder is impossible to detect.
  • Mini Snake Camera
    This flexible camera fits just about anywhere. Add it to a handheld DVR to record and play back...>>
    Sale $79.95
  • Light Switch Hidden Camera
    This covert HD camera and video recorder blends seamlessly into any room.
    Sale $259.99
  • Air Ionizer Hidden Camera
    This hidden camera captures crystal clear nigh tvision security footage for days at a time.
  • SpyShades Hidden Cam Glasses
    Share your unique point of view. Capture video and photos directly from these stylish spy glasses.
    Sale $79.95
  • BrickHouse KeyChain Hidden Cam
    Carry this mini keychain spy cam in your pocket and catch the action anytime, anywhere.
  • Tissue Box DVR
    This hidden camera records full color video with no wires. Pick it up and move it whenever your...>>
    Sale $299.95
  • HD Keychain Video Recorder
    This tiny keychain hidden video camera captures high-definition audio, video, and impressive 4032 x ...>>
    Sale $69.95
  • Waterproof Spy Watch
    Record covert audio and video and snap still photos with this great-looking spy watch hidden camera.
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