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Camscura WiFi B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System
Featuring the best-in-class Camscura WiFi and our exclusive B-Link Secure MiFi device, this kit is...>>
$269.99 - $1,199.99
Camscura WiFi With B-Link Secure Cellular Camera Connector
This kit makes mobile remote monitoring as easy as possible—place the included Camscura WiFi...>>
$249.99 - $1,099.99
B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector
B-Link Secure Cellular is a new way to monitor: Connect up to eight cameras without relying on...>>
Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveillance Camera
Discreet camera in a small, compact size is easy to conceal and perfect for covert monitoring of...>>
SG Home Battery Operated WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
Check in on what matters most in full HD with this WiFi-enabled hidden camera disguised as an...>>
Sale $419.00
SG Home WiFi AC Powered Air Purifier Camera
Disguised as an air purifier, this hidden camera captures HD video and streams it live over WiFi...>>
SG Home Battery Operated WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera
Featuring multiple recording triggers and HD resolution, this hidden camera provides best-in-class...>>
Sale $419.00
SG Home Wi-Fi AC Powered Bluetooth Speaker Camera
Check in on your home or office from anywhere with this WiFi-connected hidden camera disguised as a ...>>
SG Home Electrical Box WiFi HIdden Camera
This HD hidden camera disguised as an electrical/cable box makes real-time property surveillance...>>
Sale $529.00
SG Home AC Powered Wi-Fi Wall Clock Hidden Camera
This high def WiFi hidden camera looks like a common wall clock and allows you to stream live video ...>>
SG Home Bird Feeder WiFi Hidden Camera
This WiFi hidden camera allows you to check in on your home or office's exterior from anywhere with ...>>
Sale $499.00
SG Home AC Powered Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera
This hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector transmits HD video via WiFi to the full-featured...>>
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Did You Know

B-link Secure Cellular technology is a BrickHouse Security offering designed to provide direct connection to your WiFi and IP cameras over a cellular network. This system includes flexible data plans to ensure that you are only paying for the amount of data you need for your security. The service is optimized to prioritize video upload, which provides high-speed remote video review. Easily connect your devices to your cellular network, giving you the option of bringing your network with you wherever you go. Setup is simple with no complicated installation of configuration, making it possible for you to connect your cameras right out of the box.

Because dozens of cellular cameras can be compatible with the system, your options for meeting your security needs are flexible. With no long term contracts required, the B-Link Secure Cellular system is your best option for short term and long term video surveillance over a cellular network.