Car Cameras for Safer Travels

Car cameras (also known as dash cams) are a great way to make sure your teen driver or employee is doing the right thing behind the wheel. Dash cams are also great for providing evidence in case of an accident or insurance dispute. Choose from any number of functions, from dual lens car security cameras that face inside and outside, to in-car video systems with night vision recording, accident sensors, built-in GPS logging software and more.

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An in-car camera is a great investment for any car owner, the same way an indoor camera system is for a home owner. One can be used as a car security camera or to to monitor the driving habits of employees or new drivers. Those designed as security cameras for cars will usually have features like night vision and a long battery life. A dashboard camera may also include features like GPS logging and speed reporting. For some, a miniature camera can make a good low-cost car cam. Though not particularly designed for the application, they are usually motion activated and capable of capturing any vandalism or break-in. Read more.