Night vision cameras enable you to protect your valuable assets by capturing video evidence of theft, vandalism and any other unauthorized activity that occurs in low-light conditions where standard security cameras won't work. Today's night vision security cams feature an impressive array of advanced features to make after-hours video surveillance easy, effective and accurate. BrickHouse Security offers a comprehensive range of quality night vision camera systems and accessories to help you keep your office, home or work site safe.

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It isn't always cost-effective or practical to install and operate security lighting, especially if you have a home or business with a large outdoor area to cover. Construction work sites, warehouses, farms and residences with pools or expensive recreational equipment are just a few places where night vision security cams are a perfect alternative. Burglars and other trespassers aren't likely to carry out their plans in broad daylight or while people are present, so video coverage at night is imperative for catching them in the act. With night vision cameras in place, you can monitor their every move, even when the human eye can't see them. Night vision cams are also useful for catching four-legged vandals and thieves. They can even help you remotely monitor babies or small children without disturbing their sleep. Read more.