Once you set up your home or business security cameras, you have the daunting task of controlling the whole system. Video recorders and kits from BrickHouse Security can help you monitor and store footage while controlling your cameras in single- and multi-channel systems. Choose from a range of HD DVRs that support CCTV camera systems, and protect your data with a reliable server. Multi-camera kits contain all the equipment you need for professional home and business security. Monitor your property from anywhere in the world with a wireless camera security system from BrickHouse Security. Setup is easy, and you will be in total control with these high-quality DVRs and servers.

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    Application - Camera
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    • Portable(7)
    • Desktop(4)
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    • Standard(5)
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    Recording Function
    • External(12)
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    • Portable DVR(4)
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    Spy Gear
    • Cameras(2)
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    • RECONYX(4)
    • ACTi(2)
    • Vivotek(2)
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    Body Type
    • Box / Traditional(4)
    • IR(3)
    • Bullet(1)
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    • Wired: Ethernet(6)
    • WiFi(1)
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    Country of Use
    • USA(12)
    • International Use(10)
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    • $400.00 and Up(31)
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    • Black
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Monitor, play back and control your security footage with the right DVR for your needs. Remote DVRs that support CCTV camera systems are perfect for keeping a watchful eye on your property. Control select cameras with pan, tilt and zoom functions from a remote location. Video compression maintains an ideal bandwidth to ensure smooth operations. Set up professional home and business security with multi-camera kits. Read more.