Fleet Tracking Solutions

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Fleet Tracking Solutions
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BrickHouse GPS Fleet Tracking solutions save your business time and money and help manage your most important assets, including materials, employees and vehicles.

Know in real time where any vehicle is now, where it’s been, where it’s headed and how fast it’s been driven.

Get the information you need instantly from any smart-phone or computer. All you need is Internet access to track your fleet from anywhere in the world with BrickHouse’s powerful GPS monitoring platform.

We offer best-in-class portable trackers, plug and play models and hard-wired GPS devices that are completely invisible to the driver. Choose the features you need, including advanced performance diagnostics, vehicle immobilization and much more.

BrickHouse solutions are protected with unconditional lifetime technical support.

Instant updates on vehicle locations.
Detailed info on vehicle stops.
Geofence capabilities: to set up alerts when entering or departing a defined area.
Speed alerts.
Vehicle diagnostics.

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