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BrickHouse GPS

Instantly Locate People, Cars or Assets

Is your teenager driving safely? Did your 5th-grader make it to school on time? Are your employees where they say they are? If it moves, you can track it in real time. BrickHouse brand GPS trackers deliver the technology you need for the peace of mind you deserve.

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Wireless Home Security and So Much More

MORzA wireless home security and automation systems protect what matters most. Start with 24/7 central station monitoring and add the capability to control lights, locks, appliances, live streaming video and much more from any smartphone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

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The Ultimate Remote View Hidden Camera

Disguised as a bluetooth speaker, Observa blends seamlessly into any room’s decor. Use this sophisticated WiFi Night Vision hidden camera on its own to stream live video from the cloud to any smartphone, tablet or PC. Or connect it to your MORzA home security system for the ultimate video monitoring experience.

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The Most Versatile Hidden Cameras in the World

The Camscura hidden camera family includes adjustable lens models designed to be hidden in plain sight or sophisticated pinhole cams that can be concealed in almost any common household object. Keep an eye on your nanny, protect your business and more, all in vivid high definition.

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