Wireless Alarm Systems For Apartments

Whether your home is an apartment or a house, it is your personal domain and you want to keep it and those who live in it safe. Alarm systems designed specifically for apartment living can provide protection and peace of mind. Choose from a variety of house and apartment alarm systems, depending on your primary concern, whether that be disaster protection, theft and burglary protection, or general, overall personal security.

  • MORzA Airbnb

    Featuring programmable locks and a host of sensors, this home security system has everything you need to protect and accommodate your guests and your valuables.

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  • MORzA Complete

    Complete home automation system with smart sensors, alarms, video, and more

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  • MORzA Control

    Featuring a host of sensors and appliance modules, this unique home automation and security package offers you complete remote control of your home.

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  • MORzA Sentry

    Home automation security system with door sensors and motion detectors

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  • MORzA Apartment

    With everything you need to protect your home and identify a suspect in the event of a break-in, this low-cost alarm system is perfect for apartments and condos.

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  • MORzA Central Station Only

    The simplest setup to get centrally-monitored safety for a small apartment.

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  • MORzA Fire

    This home security package features everything you need for total home protection, from vandalism and break-ins to frozen pipes and fire emergencies.

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  • MORzA Rental Property

    Designed with building owners in mind, this package features emergency sensors and a smart lock for total protection.

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