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With MORzA home security systems powered by Alarm.com, you can start protecting your home immediately with state-of-the-art interactive security and 24/7 central station monitoring for as little as $99. And best of all, there's no installation required. The system is pre-configured by our technicians and arrives at your door ready to work right out of the box. All you need is an activation call with a  MORzA specialist and you can start enjoying the benefits of a world-class interactive home security system immediately.

  • MORzA Airbnb

    Featuring programmable locks and a host of sensors, this home security system has everything you need to protect and accommodate your guests and your valuables.

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  • MORzA Complete

    Complete home automation system with smart sensors, alarms, video, and more

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  • MORzA Control

    Featuring a host of sensors and appliance modules, this unique home automation and security package offers you complete remote control of your home.

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  • MORzA Custom

    Start with a state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel and build your perfect system. The only limit is your imagination.

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  • MORzA Sentry

    Home automation security system with door sensors and motion detectors

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  • MORzA Small Business

    Complete security and automation for protecting your small business

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  • MORzA Apartment

    With everything you need to protect your home and identify a suspect in the event of a break-in, this low-cost alarm system is perfect for apartments and condos.

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  • MORzA Central Station Only

    The simplest setup to get centrally-monitored safety for a small apartment.

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  • MORzA Environmental

    Ideal for older homes or residents with respiratory issues. This smart home security system alerts you to changes in air quality or drastic temperature swings.

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  • MORzA Fire

    This home security package features everything you need for total home protection, from vandalism and break-ins to frozen pipes and fire emergencies.

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  • MORzA Medical Alert

    With the push of a button, this medical alert home alarm system connects the user with a direct line to emergency personnel.

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  • MORzA Pet Protect

    Guarantee your home's air quality and temperature and check in on your pets whenever you want, from wherever you are.

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Did You Know?

Our three most popular packages, MORzA Sentry, MORzA + Fire and MORzA Control, offer low-cost solutions to the most common modern home security issues: burglary prevention, fire safety, and home automation, respectively. Our other MORzA home security systems address the concerns of everyone from pet owners to landlords. The one constant in our home security systems, however, is the wealth of features available through MORzA: fully supported central station monitoring, customizable alerts sent directly to your phone in the event of an emergency, and countless other useful tools. Select home security systems contain special elements such as live video monitoring directly on your smartphone, medical alerts, or home automation elements to control everything from lighting to appliances from anywhere in the world.

Whatever you need from your home security system, there's a MORzA package available to suit your needs. And, if a package is missing an element you're looking for, it can be easily added to your system. They sky's the limit with MORzA.

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