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Alarm System Key Fob

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Alarm System Key Fob

The Key to an Insecure System

In the right hands, the keychain remote is a convenient, easy way to lock and unlock your home security system. In the wrong hands, this key fob offers unfettered access to everything you value with the push of a button. As a company that takes security seriously, we will not be offering the fob as part of our system. Any company that would willingly sell you a key fob hasn't fully considered your security. In short, forget the fob; look to the future.

Our Home Control System offers everything the fob does right on your smartphone through free, exclusive apps. Arm and disarm your system, control your locks and home automation all with our intuitive apps; available for all major mobile operating systems. Never worry that your home security is compromised in the event that your keys go missing; through multiple layers of password protection, your smartphone and the app keep you secure.

MORzA: Wireless Security and So Much More

MORzA by BrickHouse Security is a fully customizable home security, alarm and automation system that can be set up according to your individual needs. Contact one of our security experts and save; don't pay for anything you don't need, and receive discounts when you bundle certain products and services. Call (800) 654-7966 today for a personal consultation.


SKU: 2GIG-KEY2-345

Special Feature: This easy-to-use key fob is the perfect tool for any criminal wanting to break into a home without much effort. We can't in good conscience sell this remote as part of any security system.

Service Plan
MORzA Central Station Monitoring and Home Automation plans start at only $29.95 per month. Customizing your setup so you're only paying for the products and services you need will help you save. Call us today at (800) 654-7966 for a personal consulta

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