Protect Susceptible Areas of Your Home with These Discreet Contacts

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Thin Door/Window Contact

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Thin Door/Window Contact

Multi-Purpose Contact

This thin, discreet contact can be easily placed on multiple doors and windows to provide total home protection. Featuring a 5-year battery and tamper protection, these door and window contact alarm sensors are always there when you need them most. Mount them to your doors and windows, sync them with your Go!Control Panel and, if they're disturbed, it will trigger your alarm system, also sending you a text or email alert notifying you of a breach.

MORzA: Wireless Security and So Much More

MORzA by BrickHouse Security is a fully customizable home security, alarm and automation system that can be optimized just for you. Choose your system so you only have the products and services you need and nothing you don't. Call (800) 654-7966 today for a personal consultation with one of our security experts.



Special Feature: With an extended 5-year battery and tamper protection, this multi-purpose sensor will trigger your system in the event of an intrusion.

Magnet Dimensions: 1.3 x 0.435 x 0.312 in.
Sensor Dimensions: 2.59 x 1.03 x 0.49 in.
Fully supervised
Lithium batteries with 5 years life
Reed sensitivity: 0.625 in. minimum gap, 0.85 in. typical
Tamper protected

Service Plan

MORzA Central Station Monitoring and Home Automation plans start at only $29.95 per month. Customizing your setup so you're only paying for the products and services you need will help you save. Call us today at (800) 654-7966 for a personal consulta

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    Love the system and the flexibility of the platform!


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