Z-Wave Technology Integrated Alarm Systems and Components

  • 4 Piece Trim Kit for WD500Z-1

    Coming in almond, black, or brown options, these trim kits include everything you need to convert your z-wave wall mount dimmer.

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  • MORzA Go! Control Panel

    Protect, automate, and manage your home using this powerful control panel. Using the vibrant LED touchscreen, take control of everything from energy management to professional home security.

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  • MORzA Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostat that syncs easily with existing Alarm.com home security system

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  • Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor

    Whether you're at home or on the go, this dual-function sensor will alert you to the presence of liquid or extreme temperatures, drastically reducing any potential property damage.

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  • Wireless Touch Screen Keypad

    Arm and disarm your system, control Z-Wave appliances, hear system notifications and more. Install up to 4 of these intuitive keypads to control your system from anywhere in your home.

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  • Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch

    This z-wave-enabled lighting unit allows you to control and schedule your home's lighting directly through your MORzA Go!Control Panel or your PC or smartphone.

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  • Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module

    Plug this module into your wall, plug any appliance into the module, and be able to remotely control the appliance with your PC or smartphone. It's that easy.

  • Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp Module

    This Z-Wave enabled module's easy design makes remote controlling your lamp as simple as plugging it in.

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  • Z-Wave Wall Mounted Outlet

    With this intelligent outlet, you're able to control any appliance it's powering directly from your PC, smartphone or Go!Control Panel.

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