Z-Wave Technology Integrated Alarm Systems and Components

  • 4 Piece Trim Kit for WD500Z-1

    4 Piece Trim Kit for WD500Z-1

    Coming in almond, black, or brown options, these trim kits include everything you need to convert your z-wave wall mount dimmer.

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  • MORzA Smart Thermostat

    MORzA Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostat that syncs easily with existing Alarm.com home security system

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  • Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor

    Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor

    Whether you're at home or on the go, this dual-function sensor will alert you to the presence of liquid or extreme temperatures, drastically reducing any potential property damage.

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  • Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch

    Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch

    This z-wave-enabled lighting unit allows you to control and schedule your home's lighting directly through your MORzA Go!Control Panel or your PC or smartphone.

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  • Z-Wave Wall Mounted Outlet

    Z-Wave Wall Mounted Outlet

    With this intelligent outlet, you're able to control any appliance it's powering directly from your PC, smartphone or Go!Control Panel.

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