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The internet is more prevalent in your teen’s life now more than ever, but you never know what dangers this might pose for them. Parental monitoring with the Paraben Data sticks from BrickHouse Security keep you one step ahead of any online threat posed to your teen or loved one.


Our monitoring data sticks are the ideal tools for a parent who wants to keep a watchful eye out for hidden apps their child might be using. If you discover any hidden apps, you can view the photos or data from the device even if they are encrypted, keep track of how long your child is using various apps, prevent any type of unwanted image or video being downloaded onto your teen’s computer, or scrub the computer of dangerous images already present, and even analyze chats to stay aware of cyberbullying, sexting, or scammers that might be contacting your teen without your knowledge.


Whether it’s protecting against app over usage, cyberbullying or unsolicited images, the Paraben Data sticks provide a wide variety of ways to stay aware of your teen’s activity online. Your loved one will stay protected from any unwanted influence of the world wide web, and you get peace of mind knowing your loved one stays safe.

  • Chat Analysis Tool

    Chat Analysis Tool

    Stay in-the-know about what’s being said with this chat analysis tool

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  • Direct Android Photo and Video Back-Up Tool

    Direct Android Photo and Video Back-…

    Keep your memories in picture-perfect order with the Android and Windows backup drive

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  • iRecovery Stick

    iRecovery Stick

    Uncover and recover data and pictures from an iOS device with this easy to use stick

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  • Phone Recovery Stick

    Phone Recovery Stick

    Bypass the code of your phone with this Android information recovery stick

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  • Photo and Video Back-Up Tool for Windows Computer

    Photo and Video Back-Up Tool for Win…

    The easy, portable, and smart way to store your photos without taking up cloud space

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  • Porn Detection Stick

    Porn Detection Stick

    Protect your PC from pornography with this scan-and-scrub device

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Did You Know?

If you give your employees a phone or computer for business use, make sure the device is secured against any information leaks or unintended downloads. With the Paraben Data sticks, you can monitor an employee’s device to make sure they are being productive and attentive in the workspace.

Prevent explicit content being downloaded or viewed by using our Porn Detection Stick. With this device, you can scan your PC for undesirable images, then scrub the harddrive to fully erase any trace of explicit content. Monitor how your employees spend their time online with our Chat Analysis Stick. This tool provides an analysis of what your employees are saying online

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