Decoy Smoke Detector Doubles as a Covert Camera with Built-In WiFi

SecureGuard Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with WiFi Connector

  • Equipped with B-Link Secure Cellular 
  • Optional Battery with 60-Day Life 
  • Records 720p HD Video
  • Custom Built - Ships Next Business Day
  • Easy Returns
  • Fast Free Shipping on Orders Over $50
SecureGuard Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with WiFi Connector
  • Equipped with B-Link Secure Cellular 
  • Optional Battery with 60-Day Life 
  • Records 720p HD Video

View Live Video and Watch Playback from Anywhere 

The SecureGuard Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with B-Link WiFi Connector allows you to covertly monitor your space, using the internet connector to go online and allow you to monitor remotely. The decoy smoke detector looks like a real smoke detector, distracting from its actual purpose: monitoring via hidden camera. Live video can be viewed in real time, or played back later for review. Video can be stored to the cloud or saved locally to the built-in 16GB of internal memory. To ensure that you never miss a beat, the camera records in 720p HD video. Optional battery with a charge that can last for up to 60 days. 

This hidden camera requires a monthly subscription of $19.99 which entitles you to 1GB of data per month. You will receive your first bill within the first week of ownership.

Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio. Click here to learn more.



In The Box
SecureGuard Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with WiFi Connector
​B-Link Secure 4G Cellular WiFi Camera Connector
User's Manual

Special Feature: Store video on the camera's built-in 16GB memory or record it to a remote location.

Power: Plug-in for power

Transmission: WiFi Direct Connect

Storage: 16GB onboard video storage

Service: $19.99 / mo up to 1GB of data

Model: Non-Functional Smoke Detector
​​Image sensor: 1/4" 1MP CMOS
​Compression: H.264
​Image resolution: 1280*720
​​Min. Illumination: 0.5 Lux
​White Balance: Auto
​Frame Rate: 25fps​ ​(720P), 30fps​ ​(​​VGA)
100 Degree Viewing angle
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi​ ​(IEEE802.11b/g/n)
​Network Trans: Embedded with Cloud Transmission Protocol​
Working RH: From 10% to 90%​
Working Temperature: From -20°C to 55°C

Service Plan

$19.99/mo for 1 GB of data. This allows you to stream about 120 hours of video per month. Discounts for both multiple units and higher monthly data usage are available. Please call for more information.

Data is only used when you're connected to your camera for remote view or download. If the camera is running and recording, but you're not viewing the video remotely, or the camera isn't uploading video, then no cellular data will be used. Data consumption will vary by camera type, video resolution settings, recording trigger settings and other factors.

If you exceed 1GB in a particular month, the following month you will be billed $24.99/GB $19.99/GB for any additional data used. Your service won't be throttled or suspended.

We recommend using the base data allotment for a few months to determine your regular data use. If you find you're consistently using more than 1GB of data per month and would like a larger data allotment, we're happy to upgrade your plan on request. However, the base plan is the most flexible way to keep costs as low as possible.

Call for more information.


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