Survival Road Kits

  • Emergency Preparedness Kit

    Kit with 116 emergency preparedness items and easy expandability

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  • Road Warrior Auto Emergency Kit

    Everything you need for roadside emergencies and breakdowns

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  • 12 Survivors First Aid Roll Up Kit

    12 Survivors First Aid Roll Up Kit

    With compartments full of survival gear, this outdoors-ready first aid kit is the perfect …

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  • 29 Piece Roadside Auto Kit

    Keep yourself safe on the road and ready for anything. This kit contains everything you ne…

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  • Secur Six-in-One Car Charger

    Six tools in one charger keep you safe and secure on your next road trip

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  • Secur SP-4002 Four-in-One Car Charger

    Secur SP-4002 Four-in-One Car Charge…

    This USB car charger plugs into a cigarette lighter and powers up your cellphone while dri…

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  • JumpStart Solo

    JumpStart Solo

    All-in-one roadside emergency device that jump starts your battery without another vehicle

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  • CRUSH Light

    CRUSH Light

    The Goal Zero Crush Light lantern lights up the night at your backcountry campsite with 3 …

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  • Escaper Buddy

    Escaper Buddy

    Prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sand by placing Esca…

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  • GUIDE 10 Plus + NOMAD 7 Plus Solar Kit

    GUIDE 10 Plus + NOMAD 7 Plus Solar K…

    The Guide 10 Plus + NOMAD 7 Plus is perfect for all your smaller USB or AA/AAA powered ge…

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  • LIGHT-A-LIFE 350 2 Pack LED Light

    Light your campsite or tent from stored power or your car battery with this Light-a-Life 3…

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  • LIGHT-A-LIFE 350 LED Light

    LIGHT-A-LIFE 350 LED Light

    The Light-A-Life 350 LED light sheds 350 lumens of bright white light or links up with 8 o…

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