In the event of an emergency in your car, whether a car accident or being stranded in inclement weather, drivers will appreciate having a kit of emergency survival gear at their disposal. Automotive emergency kits may be pre-assembled or created out of items and objects that drivers expect to need in emergency situations.

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Emergency Preparedness Kit
Road Warrior Auto Emergency Kit
Secur SP-4000 Mini Auto Emergency Tool
Secur SP-4001 Auto Emergency Tool
12 Survivors First Aid Roll Up Kit
234 Piece Medical First Aid Kit
29 Piece Roadside Auto Kit
AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight
C-Light PFD Vest Light with C-Clip
Dog Emergency Kit
First Alert 43 Ounce 5BC Fire Extinguisher
Houdini Pro Car Emergency Tool
Secur Dynamo SP-1000 LED Fire Starter & Flashlight
Secur SP-1001 Waterproof Dynamo LED Flashlight
Secur SP-1002 Waterproof Solar / Dynamo LED Flashlight
Secur SP-1100 Four-in-One Light & Power Bank
Secur SP-1101 Dynamo Spotlight Lantern
Secur SP-1103 Mini Collapsible Storm Lantern
Secur SP-1105 Rainproof Dynamo Lantern / Flashlight
Secur SP-2001 Hybrid Power Radio
Secur SP-3006 Power Bank 5000 Charger
Secur SP-3007 Sun Power 4000 Charger
Secur SP-3009 Sun Power 3000 Charger
Secur SP-4002 Four-in-One Car Charger
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