Emergency situations occur unexpectedly, but it is possible to ensure that you’re prepared. In the event of an emergency in your place of business, it’s important that emergency tools are available for your team members, and that everyone is aware of where to find important emergency tools like first aid kits, flashlights, fire extinguishers, and more. Give your employees the tools they need to provide help for themselves and others in the event of a workplace emergency.

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Emergency Preparedness Kit
234 Piece Medical First Aid Kit
9 Volt Energizer Battery
AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight
C-Light PFD Vest Light with C-Clip
First Alert 43 Ounce 5BC Fire Extinguisher
iEvac® Fire Escape Hood
Pilot ECO USB Rechargeable Batteries
Secur SP-1100 Four-in-One Light & Power Bank
Secur SP-2000 Digital Solar Radio and LED Flashlight
Secur SP-2001 Hybrid Power Radio
Secur SP-3006 Power Bank 5000 Charger
Secur SP-3007 Sun Power 4000 Charger
Secur SP-3009 Sun Power 3000 Charger
Solar Powered Flash Light with Battery Back Up
The Voyager - Solar AM/FM Radio
Thor X Sirius Long Range Handheld Spotlight
HD Digital Binocular and DVR
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