The Voyager - Solar AM/FM Radio

Solar and Hand Crank-Powered Radio, Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger


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You’ll never be in the dark or out-of-touch during emergencies with this must-have device.

  • 11 Band Radio with AM/FM, Shortwave and Weather Bands
  • LED Flashlight and Reading Lamp
  • USB Port and Adapters for Cell Phone Charging

The American Red Cross urges everyone to have an Emergency Preparedness Kit in their home; and it's a good idea to keep one in your vehicle as well. This compact yet powerful device solves several common problems that occur during power outages—loss of lighting, no access to news bulletins and loss of communications when your cell phone battery dies.

This combination radio/flashlight/phone charger gets its power from the sun, with built-in solar cells. Or, charge it up using the dynamo hand crank. The 11 Band radio includes AM, FM, Shortwave and Weather bands. It also receives NOAA weather alerts. The sturdy, water-resistant body includes an LED Flashlight plus a 5 LED Reading Lamp. Built-in ports and adapters (included) allow you to charge most popular cell phone models.

In The Box

  • Radio
  • User Manual
  • Power adaptors for most cell phones

  • 11 Bands: AM/FM, Shortwave 1&2 and 7 Weather Bands.
  • NOAA Weather Alert sends an Emergency Wireless Signal to the radio for local weather disasters.
  • LED Flashlight plus 5 LED Reading Lamp.
  • 4 Way Power - Dynamo hand charging (no batteries required)- Solar Powered
  • 3 "AA" - AC Adaptor (not included).
  • Water resistance - rubberized body
  • Built in USB (plus two other ports) lets you charge cell phones, Blackberry,iPod/ MP3 player and more.
  • Actual Size: 8" x 5" x 2.6"

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