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We have been the trusted GPS experts for police and corporate investigators since 2005. Our team of GPS experts is ready to help you find and deploy the right GPS tracking solution for your security concerns.

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Tools for Your GPS Tracking Needs

We offer GPS trackers that are designed to meet a variety of tracking needs, whether business or personal. Our selection is expertly curated to include a wide variety of GPS tracker styles, including portable trackers that can be stashed in a backpack, professional fleet trackers that are hardwired into a vehicle, heavy duty trackers that can monitor the geographical location of heavy equipment in the field and shipping containers at sea, and more. No matter what your GPS tracking needs, BrickHouse Security has you covered.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Our state-of–the-art GPS platform supports thousands of trackers – all through a single interface. And you’re not limited to a single type of tracker. Choose from lightweight, battery-powered trackers, portable trackers that plug into your car's OBD port, or hard-wired trackers.

GPS Asset Tracking

Whether you want to protect a boat, trailer, or piece of heavy equipment or you want to track a valuable package or safe deposit box, we have the right solution for you.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you need to track a vehicle you own? Will you be moving the tracker from car to car? Will you be able to access the tracker to change its battery? Do you want to track something other than a car? Answer these questions and you’ll be sure to get the right GPS vehicle tracker for your unique needs.

Personal GPS Tracking

Much smaller than a typical cell phone, portable GPS trackers can fit easily into a coat pocket, backpack, purse, or briefcase. And their rechargeable batteries last for weeks, which makes it easy to locate your child or elderly relative in seconds.

GPS Child Tracking

We offer solutions for public spaces like playgrounds, amusement parks, or malls that alert you when your child is more than 100 feet away. We also sell real-time GPS child trackers you can slip into your child’s pocket, backpack, or lunchbox.

GPS Devices You Can Track with Your Cell Phone or PC

Need speed and location tracking in real time or on demand? Want to track using your PC or mobile device? Interested in getting text or email alerts when the device leaves a certain area? Learn more about our great selection of Real-Time GPS trackers.

International GPS Tracking

Many of our GPS trackers are available in international versions that track anywhere in the world. Just be aware that if you want to track outside the Unites States, you'll need to supply your own international SIM card for your device.

GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fees

Our GPS data loggers offer a low-cost GPS solution when you don’t need to track in real time or on demand. Loggers require that you retrieve the device and connect it to a PC, enabling you to see their entire tracking history.