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Authorized Agents

Be your own boss. Sell state-of-the-art BrickHouse GPS products and services and reap the rewards of monthly recurring revenue. Start-up costs are minimal. Your new business can be up and running in just a few days. 

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Private Label Distributors

Let our platform engine power your own GPS business. Create your own branding and charge your own subscription fees. We'll give you all the tools you need to become our competitor. 

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Enterprise Licensees

Leverage the power of BrickHouse GPS to optimize your business and improve transparency. Track vehicles, employees, and assets through your own branded portal. You can even use your own servers for total control of your data. 

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Become an Authorized Agent Today

Be a part of the fast-growing GPS industry without worrying about tech support, billing, and all the difficulties of managing a professional-grade GPS server. For an extremely minimal investment, you can become and Authorized Agent for BrickHouse GPS. We'll supply the hardware and the training to get your started. From there, the sky's the limit on how much you can earn. Dedicate yourself to GPS tracker sales, or supplement a current business. Either way, you'll be taking in recurring monthly payments backed by an industry leader in GPS technology

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Start Your Own GPS Business

Private Label Distributors Get the Tools to Create Their Own GPS Empire

The BrickHouse GPS platform presents a world of opportunity for any enterprising entrepreneur. GPS is a rapidly expanding industry for consumer, government, and business applications. By becoming a Private Label Distributor, you're in control of how you do business. Handle your own billing, tech support, branding, and more. You can even run the platform on your own GPS tracking server. Or, if you want to leave any or all of the specifics to us, you can do that too. Bottom line: if you want to get into the GPS business, we want to be in business with you!

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Use GPS to Optimize Your Operations

Become an Enterprise Licensee to Add Powerful Services and Value to Your Offerings

GPS technology brings a previously unheard of level of oversight and transparency to countless industries, from delivery to elder care to law enforcement. When you become an Enterprise Licensee with BrickHouse GPS, you get your brand's very own GPS server and multiple options on how you use it. Allow customers to track delivery vehicles, coordinate emergency response routes, monitor a wide variety of assets, manage dispatch, and much more. The Lightning GPS platform can even be operated through your own servers for total data governance. Build a better business with GPS technology. 

Opportunities for the GPS Entrepreneur in a Huge Range of Industries

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Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is a tremendous growth industry for GPS tracking applications. Businesses need to know where their drivers are, how efficiently they're driving, and whether they'll make their deliveries on time. Real-time tracking solutions from BrickHouse put the power in managers' hands, allowing them to take control and optimize their fleet.

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Law Enforcement

Trusted by over 500 law enforcement agencies across the country, BrickHouse GPS brings the experience and tools necessary to help police monitor both field officers and criminal activity. Perfect for dispatching vehicles or for slap-and-track operations, BrickHouse's intuitive platform is designed with law enforcement in mind.

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Asset Tracking

The BrickHouse GPS platform is loaded with features optimized to keep an eye on assets anywhere in the world. With motion activated tracking to maximize battery life, the fastest cold start times in the business, and customizable geofences for real-time alerts, you can be sure your clients always know where their valuables are.

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Child Safety

Parents and guardians look to BrickHouse GPS child tracking to keep their kids safe. Tiny trackers can be easily slipped into a backpack or book bag and send instant alerts the moment a child gets home from school. Mobile integration lets parents check their child's location from any smartphone or tablet, and extended battery life ensures that their GPS tracker won't quit when they need it most.

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Teen Driving

Teens hitting the road for the first time can be a scary proposition. With GPS tracking, parents know instantly where their teen is. And with live speed alerts, they can guarantee that teens are driving safely. Geofence alerts provide up-to-the-minute knowledge of a teen’s whereabouts. Parents can even set a boundary around any area of a map to discourage unauthorized road trips.

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Elder & Special Needs

Alzheimer's, dementia, autism, and other afflictions that cause their victims to wander are an ever-growing threat within our society. GPS tracking takes some of the worry out of dealing with these illnesses by offering real-time location updates in the event of a wandering case. Cut response time from hours or days to minutes or seconds with fast, accurate GPS location reporting.

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Leaving expensive equipment out on a job site is always a gamble. GPS large asset tracking stays in standby mode for weeks, ready to snap into action if any theft occurs. Owners, site managers and foremen instantly see the value in leveraging real-time location reporting and alerts to maximize their chances of recovering equipment and bringing thieves and vandals to justice.

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Government & Military

GPS tracking has countless applications for military and government agencies. Tracking transportation vehicles and assets, coordinating and dispatching emergency personnel, and managing infrastructure projects and traffic analysis are just a few examples; nearly any governmental or military entity can benefit from the wealth of features available through BrickHouse GPS.

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Auto Dealership & Rental

If vehicles go missing or a lessee defaults on payments, GPS tracking is an affordable way to locate vehicles quickly and easily. GPS is also an ideal way for managers to gather valuable insight into how their vehicles are being operated by their drivers. The BrickHouse GPS platform delivers detailed vehicle data and can even send alerts when it's time for oil changes and other vehicle services.

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Taxi & Limo Tracking

Managing a fleet of vehicles with constantly changing routes and maintenance needs is an ongoing challenge. With BrickHouse GPS, dispatchers and fleet managers get detailed speed and location results in real time, allowing them to make sure the closest vehicle gets to the customer soonest while reducing idle times, route deviations and unscheduled driver breaks.

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Public & Private Transit

Countless governments, municipalities and transportation service providers across the country have instituted GPS tracking programs to monitor their vehicles, collecting vast amount of data to optimize routes and to allow the public to live-track vehicles. Waiting on the bus is frustrating; with BrickHouse GPS, riders are able to relax when they know their ride is right around the corner.

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Service & Delivery

Adding GPS services to a delivery or service company maximizes both driver efficiency and customer service. Business owners and managers can share real-time vehicle location results with customers so they know when to expect their package or winter plow service. Detailed reports cut down on vehicle idle times to optimize fuel usage and allow dispatchers to select the best routes for their drivers.

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