Camscura Hidden Cameras Offer Flexibility and Discretion

Camscura hidden cameras are designed to be the most covert and flexible hidden cameras on the market. These WiFi-enabled cameras are easily disguised as other household or office-friendly objects, making them truly covert and nearly undetectable to the untrained eye. Camscura offers convenient remote monitoring via smartphone app, giving you even more control over your ongoing surveillance, no matter where in the world you are.

  • Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

    Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

    This sleek cam turns any household object into a surveillance source

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  • Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera

    Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera

    Covert cam with an adjustable lens hides in plain sight in your home or office

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Did You Know?

You can Hide Your Camscura in Anything or Hide it in Plain Sight

Get the Big Picture
The Camscura Tilt features a pivoting wide angle lens so you'll never miss a shot.

See in the Dark
The Camscura Lux captures crisp images even in extremely low light.

Set it and Forget it
The Camscura Pro records for up to 36 hours on a single battery charge.

Multiple Recording Modes Put the Power in Your Hands
Set your Camscura hidden camera to begin recording when it detects motion, sound, body heat, or vibration to cover any shooting situation.

Exceptional Battery Life
Your Camscura camera records hours of video on a single battery charge - and stands by for months with no recharging necessary.

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