Clock Cameras

Hidden clock cameras allow you to keep your eye on the things that matter most. Whether you suspect wrongdoing or just want to make sure nothing of importance escapes your attention, well-placed clock cams allow you to carry on with life worry free. The best part about clock cams is they're never out of place in any setting; use them in your home as a nanny cam, or monitor your office to make sure nothing is stolen from your desk. Choose from wall clocks or desk clocks, self-contained or internet-based cameras; whatever specifications you require, there is a hidden camera clock for you.

Did You Know?

Nothing is more covert than a hidden camera that doesn’t even look like a camera! We offer a line of covert cameras housed discreetly inside clocks, which are often common features in offices, places of business, and homes. This makes them the perfect devices for housing hidden cameras. Because clocks are used in such a wide variety of locations, they will often go largely unsuspected as covert cameras, giving homeowners and even business managers the opportunity to maintain security in a covert manner. Some of the variety of clock cameras we offer include wall or desk clock form factors, self-contained camera systems, internet-based systems, and more.

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