Covert Body Worn Cameras Capture the Evidence You Need

Law enforcement, retail loss professionals, secret shoppers, and many other professions have relied on body worn cameras for years to capture on-the-go evidence. BrickHouse Security is proud to be an industry leader in covert surveillance and police-grade body cameras. Over 2,500 law enforcement agencies and hundreds of private investigators and retail loss professionals trust BrickHouse Security for best-in-class recording devices. Shop our wide selection of wearable hidden cameras and see how we can strengthen your operations in the field and help you get the footage you need.

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Did You Know?

Covert body worn cameras are quickly becoming a staple in law enforcement, not only for protecting citizens, but for protecting police and investigative professionals as well. As a result of media coverage about the benefits of wearable cameras in a variety of law enforcement situations, police departments and security teams are adopting the use of police cameras all over the world. If your team is looking for wearable hidden cameras, BrickHouse Security's experts can help you choose the most appropriate style of wearable video cameras for your police officers, security guards, detectives, etc. Our police-grade body worn cameras are designed to capture footage of encounters, altercations, and even simple interactions, enabling you to use the information gathered for evidence supporting your case.

Videos gathered using wearable cameras are stored safely on board the device or on a separate cloud program where they cannot be tampered with, helping to maintain the integrity of the footage captured. BrickHouse Security provides a variety of commercial body worn cameras, each designed for different purposes. Our security professionals can help you select the best option for your team's uses.

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