Automatically detect smoke and carbon monoxide in the air and receive instant alerts.

Nest Protect Plus Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Sensor Self-Test 400x Daily
  • Lasts Up to a Decade
  • Optional Phone Control
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Nest Protect Plus Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Sensor Self-Test 400x Daily
  • Lasts Up to a Decade
  • Optional Phone Control

Monitor Your Home’s Safety Via Your Smartphone

The Nest Protect Plus Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector features a split-spectrum sensor that tests itself automatically up to 400x per day and lasts up to a decade to ensure that you never miss a beat. This is the first home alarm that can be silenced with your phone without requiring any additional hardware. A human voice alert provides early warning to the home, and additional alerts can be sent to your phone, ensuring that you’re notified even if you’re away.

The Nest Protect Plus Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is designed to work with other Nest products to create a cohesive, connected home.



In The Box
Nest Protect (Battery)
Six Energizer® AA batteries
Four screws
User’s Guide and Welcome Guide

Nest Protect (Wired 120V)
Three Energizer® AA batteries
AC 120V connector
Three wire nuts
Four screws

Power: Battery or Wired

Dimensions: 1.5" x 5.3" x 5.3"

Transmission: WiFi Connectivity

Storage: N/A

Service: No monthly fee

Special Feature: Receive a variety of alerts to your home or your phone, with no extra hardware required.


 Battery: Six AA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries
 Wired: 120V Connector Three AA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium backup batteries


 Split‑Spectrum Sensor, 450nm and 880nm wavelength
 10-year electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
 Heat sensor, ± 1.8°F (± 1°C)
 Humidity sensor, ± 3%RH
 Occupancy sensor, 120° field of view to 20 feet
 Ambient light sensor, 1-100k Lux Dynamic Range
 Omnidirectional microphone, 70dBA SNR

Speaker, horn, and light ring

 2 Watt Speaker
 Horn: 85dB SPL at 10 feet (3 m)
 RGB color ring with 6 LEDs

Connectivity requirements

 Wi-Fi connection with internet access
 Nest app on phone or tablet with Android or iOS.
 Free Nest Account


 Working Wi-Fi connection: 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
 Wireless Interconnect: 802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz
 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


 Nest Protect has been tested to comply with safety standards in the United States set out by:
 California State Fire Marshal

 Nest Protect complies with all of the following smoke and carbon monoxide alarm standards:
 UL 2034 - Single and Multi-Station Carbon Monoxide Alarms
 UL 217 - Single and Multi-Station Smoke Alarms
 NFPA-72 - National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Operating temperature

 The alarm should not be installed in locations where the normal ambient temperature is below 40°F (4°C) or exceeds 100°F (38°C).
 Humidity range: 20%RH to 80%RH (non condensing).


Optional Accessories


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