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  • Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

    Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweepin…

    The system’s hardware incorporates a powerful spectrum analyzer which provides super-fast …

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  • REI Andre Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor

    REI Andre Counter Surveillance Probe…

    Use this portable device to ensure that unwanted surveillance is eliminated and privacy is…

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  • Counter Surveillance Detection Kit

    Counter Surveillance Detection Kit

    Stay secure from hidden cameras, listening devices, or GPS trackers with this kit

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  • Ultimate Protection TSCM Kit

    Ultimate Protection TSCM Kit

    Find hidden cameras and RF signals with this portable kit

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  • Axiom Sentinel - Cyber Security for …

    Protect the integrity of your enterprise-level business network with the strongest protect…

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  • Rabbler Noise Generator Kit

    Rabbler Noise Generator Kit

    Don’t let any audio slip through the cracks with this noise generator kit

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  • LawMate Surveillance Kit

    LawMate Surveillance Kit

    Stay prepared for any investigation using this portable surveillance kit

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  • Rapid Deployment Eavesdropping Kit

    Rapid Deployment Eavesdropping Kit

    Quickly secure a room from eavesdropping with this counter surveillance kit

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  • Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveillance Camera

    Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveilla…

    Discreet camera in a small, compact size is easy to conceal and perfect for covert monitor…

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  • Cradlepoint NetCloud Essentials for Branch w/AER2200-600M

    Cradlepoint NetCloud Essentials for …

    This Cradlepoint NetCloud Essentials for Branch w/AER2200-600M is perfect for retail, rest…

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  • iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator Kit

    iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Gener…

    Block any listening devices with this easy-to-use white noise generator

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  • Morza Mobile Surveillance Kit

    Morza Mobile Surveillance Kit

    Completely portable and covered by central station monitoring, this loss prevention kit fe…

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