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BrickHouse Security is pleased to provide exceptional deals on some of our best selling products. Check back to this page to find out about and take advantage of our latest savings opportunities. 

  • ChromateCheck Test Kit - 8 Swabs

    Detect Hexavalent Chromium with 100% accuracy in under a minute with this easy-to-use testing kit.

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  • Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

    Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

    This sleek cam turns any household object into a surveillance source

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  • Camscura Lux Hidden Camera

    Camscura Lux Hidden Camera

    6-month standby on one charge or record up to 24 hrs when triggered with IR sensor

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  • 1,000,000 Volt Zap Flashlight

    1,000,000 Volt Zap Flashlight

    Perfect for security guards, this flashlight stun gun delivers a 1,000,000-volt surge of electricity to any would-be assailant.

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