Protecting Your Assets With Safes

When it comes to ensuring that your personal or business valuables are secure, using a safe is one of the best options. Safes come in many styles, form factors, and use cases, including small safe boxes with combination locks, diversion safes that look like household objects with secret compartments for stashing valuables, classic fireproof and tamper proof safes, and more. The variety of safes available on the market today provide users with the ability to protect their assets in nearly any situation. 


Keeping valuables in a place where they may be at risk of theft or tampering is cause for concern for many people, and diversion safes offer an added element of security. Diversion safes are devices that look like ordinary household or personal items but double as hidden safes designed to hold small, valuable objects, from jewelry or cash to weapons. Choose from a variety of diversion, decoy and concealed safes that will blend in easily in your environment and not draw attention to themselves, and ensure that your valuable assets will be undetected.

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Using Safes for Business Applications

Safes are frequently and perhaps most commonly used in business applications, protecting important business assets like cash or legal documents, among other things. They can be used to assure limited access to assets by employees, ensuring that important objects are concealed from sight and use. Combination safes are among the most popular safe storage devices in business settings.

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Using Safes for Personal Applications

Diversion safes are most commonly used in personal applications, whether for hiding valuable items in plain sight at your home or while you’re traveling. Diversion safes are designed to look like ordinary household objects--like soda cans, cleaning chemical bottles, clocks, or even hair brushes--and have a secret compartment located inside for safe storage. These safes can be placed on display on a bookshelf or desk, hidden in plain sight, or they could be stashed in a storage cabinet where there is no attention brought to them and the valuables they conceal.

Protecting Your Assets and Valuables

Ensuring that your personal valuables and assets are protected is easier with the use of our home and office safes. At BrickHouse Security, we offer a variety of safe types, from commonly used box safes with combination locks to diversion safes which look like ordinary household objects while housing secret compartments for the storage of valuables. We are committed to helping your keep your valuables safe from unwanted attention, whether in your home, place of business, or while you’re traveling.


In business, it may be necessary to protect important assets, whether that means cash, weapons, paperwork, or something else. At BrickHouse Security, we offer a variety of business safe options to ensure that business owners and managers have the tools to protect company assets. Combination safes are a great option for storing important material. Concealment or diversion safes are a clever means of hiding important objects in plain sight where they won’t be tampered with or noticed.

Diversion Safes

When you need to hide an important object, cash, a weapon, etc., a diversion safe is one of the easiest tools for directing attention away. Diversion safes look like ordinary household or office objects but secretly house hidden compartments for stowing your valuables. Diversion safes come in all shapes, sizes, and form factors, ranging from simple designs like soda cans or household chemical bottles that can be stored in a basement or under the kitchen sink, to more elaborate objects like fine-looking mantle clocks or globes which can be displayed on desks or bookshelves without suspicion.

Fire Safes

If you’re concerned about the safe storage of items, like important paperwork, heirlooms, or cash, for example, a fire safe is the ideal choice for home or office use. Key lock or combination lock safes will prevent access by unauthorized personnel and ensure that your valuables are safe, even in the event of a disaster.