• Defend against attackers with this tiny yet powerful keychain pepper spray unit.
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  • 3-in-1 BadAss Stun Gun Baton
    Stay totally protected with this 20 million volt self-defense stun gun
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  • Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun
    Defend yourself with ultra small stun gun that can travel anywhere.
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  • Rechargeable 18 Million Volt Trigger Stun Gun
    Multi-purpose stun gun can disable attackers in multiple modes and will disable if taken away from you by an attacker.
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  • Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun
    Stay safe at night with powerful flashlight stun gun.
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  • Zap Cane
    Protect yourself or your family with this 1,000,000 volt taser baton; expandable and has a built-in LED light in the handle.
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  • Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun
    Stun an attacker with 3 million volts from a tiny stun gun you can carry around in your purse or evening clutch.
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  • Miniature Hard Case Pepper Spray
    Get straightforward personal protection for any type of difficult situations with this easy to use, potent 18% pepper spray.
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  • ZAP Enforcer - 2 Million Volt Stun Gun / Flashlight
    Protect yourself from an attacker and light your way in an emergency with this 2-in-1 tool designed for unexpected situations.
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  • 1,000,000 Volt Zap Flashlight
    Perfect for security guards, this flashlight stun gun delivers a 1,000,000-volt surge of electricity to any would-be assailant.
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  • Self-Defense Stun Master Stun Baton
    Ensure your own safety with a stun baton that disables if it is taken away from you while the wrist strap is in use.
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  • Stay safe with this pepper spray keychain within reach.
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