• Mace Triple-Action Pepper Spray (120 Grams)

    Mace Triple-Action Pepper Spray (120…

    Triple protection with pepper spray, UV dye, and tear gas …
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  • Pepper Spray - 10 Foot Spray Range

    Protect yourself in times of need with this glow-in-the-da…
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  • Mace Pepper Gel (Extra Large)

    Defend yourself against attackers with this powerful and s…
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  • 2n1 Alarm

    This portable alarm doubles as a personal alarm in case of…
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  • Screecher Aerosol Alarm

    Deter attackers in times of need with the tiny, yet ear-pi…
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  • Pepper Spray .5 oz. with Auto Visor …

    This fits on the visor of your vehicle, giving you pepper …
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  • Pepper Spray 2 oz. Holster

    Make sure your pepper spray is always within arms reach wi…
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  • Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun

    Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun

    Defend yourself with ultra small stun gun that can travel …
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  • Slider Stun Gun Flashlight Combo

    Slider Stun Gun Flashlight Combo

    This extremely durable stun gun is made from the highest q…
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  • Rechargeable 18 Million Volt Trigger Stun Gun

    Rechargeable 18 Million Volt Trigger…

    Multi-purpose stun gun can disable attackers in multiple m…
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  • Hot Pink Keychain Mace

    Protect yourself from would-be attackers with this hot pin…
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  • Mace Bear Spray

    Protect yourself from bear attacks in a humane way with th…
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