The Best Spy Gear for Fun or Serious Applications

When it comes to selecting the best spy gear on the market, BrickHouse Security has got you covered. We offer an assortment of spy gear for the hobbyist or the professional, ensuring that you have your needs covered, no matter what they are. Whether you’re looking for body worn hidden cameras, government-grade listening devices, or anything in between, our selection of spy gear is the perfect option for helping you to get in touch with your inner James Bond. 

  • Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Designed for personal yet good enough for Pro's this detector with built in lens finder will detect potential bugs.

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  • GSM Spy Protector Box

    Credit card size protector detects and blocks cellular audio bugs.

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  • HD Waterproof Spy Watch

    Stylish waterproof watch allows you to secretly record video and audio.

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  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Entry level tiny spy camera.

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  • Mobile Phone Spy Protector

    Anti-spy cell phone holder projects white noise to prevent digital eavesdropping

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  • WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    Remote view discreetly with smallest power adapter hidden camera.

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  • 6GHz Personal Bug Detector

    This RF detector fits in a pocket and alerts you to analog transmissions up to 6GHz.

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  • 7UP Soda Can Diversion Safe

    This soda can diversion safe is ideal for hiding cash, jewelry, or anything else you wish to protect.

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  • A&W Root Beer Soda Can Safe

    Protect your small valuables like cash or jewelry with this soda can diversion safe.

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  • Ajax Diversion Safe

    This inconspicuous can of Ajax is perfect for stashing your money, jewelry, documents, and other small valuables.

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  • Aqua Net Diversion Safe

    This inconspicuous can of Aqua Net hairspray is a perfect secret safe, ideal for hiding cash, jewelry, or anything else you wish to protect.

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  • Arizona Iced Tea Can Diversion Safe

    Protect your valuables from theft and burglars by hiding them in this Arizona Iced Tea can diversion safe.

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