Mini Spy Cams For Recording On The Go

BrickHouse Security features an expansive selection of mini spy cameras so you're always ready to record at a moment's notice. Perfect for event recording and capturing hands-free video, a mini spy cam is a great addition to any active person's gadget arsenal. Not only can a tiny spy camera make for an ideal on-the-go recorder, but you can also set up a mini spy cam to monitor your home or office without alerting anyone to its presence. With motion activation capability and more, these easy-to-use mini spy cameras make great low-cost surveillance options.

  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Tiny but powerful camera quickly captures the footage you need

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  • HD Remote View Mini Camera

    HD Remote View Mini Camera

    With motion detection and night vision, this cam provides the surveillance you need

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  • Thumb Size Camcorder by LawMate

    Perfect for recording conversations or events, this pocket-sized mini camcorder captures v…

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  • Miniature Dice Hidden Camera

    Miniature Dice Hidden Camera

    Unique and discreet, this mini dice hidden camera is guaranteed to go undetected.

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  • Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    With motion-activated recording functions and an easy-to-operate design, this tiny hidden …

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  • Command Force Pro HD DVR Kit

    Command Force Pro HD DVR Kit

    Perfect for professionals or casual videographers, the Command Force Pro delivers hands-fr…

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  • Xtreme Mega Mini Pro

    Xtreme Mega Mini Pro

    Mini camera records audio and video and is super easy to use on-the-go

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  • BrickHouse KeyChain Hidden Cam

    BrickHouse KeyChain Hidden Cam

    High Resolution keychain hidden camera.

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  • Coat Hook Hidden Camera

    Coat Hook Hidden Camera

    An everyday coat hook with hidden high-resolution surveillance camera

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  • WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    Charge your device while your camera continues to record 24/7 footage in 1080p HD resoluti…

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  • WriteShot HD Hidden Camera Pen

    WriteShot HD Hidden Camera Pen

    A functional pen with a secret camera able to take snapshots & record audio or video

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Did You Know?

If you're looking to record an event or a festival, a mini spy cam that you can wear around your neck on a lanyard, as a covert button cam, or a keychain camera you can keep in your pocket at all times, all provide a quick and easy way to get the footage you need. With the touch of a button you're ready to capture crisp HD audio and video, and then watch it later right on your computer and share it with the world.

Just because a mini spy cam looks like it can't possibly offer a host of great features doesn't make it true. Our Black Box Pro HD is a cell phone-sized nondescript black box that can not only be set to record based on motion, but also four other customizable triggers, including vibration and body heat. If you need to monitor your desk at work from potential theft, or you need to monitor a nanny at home, this tiny spy camera ensures that you'll always get the key footage you need to bring the guilty party to justice. With the Black Box HD, the plain housing makes it perfect for creating your own custom hidden camera out of any standard household object. Convert that stuffed animal or Kleenex box into a fully covert surveillance system with these simple mini spy cameras.

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