Spy Camera Glasses For Hands-Free Video

Record and share your unique point of view with spy camera glasses. These covert recording devices are easy to use, hands-free, and completely inconspicuous. No one will know that your normal-looking glasses are spy glasses capable of capturing hours of hidden camera footage. For those looking for a non-electronic way to have multi-purpose glasses, spy glasses can be used to see directly behind you without turning your head.

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Did You Know?

Much like a spy camera smoke detector working on a WiFi camera system, spy glasses don't require any outside wires to function. All you need to capture hours of high-quality video is an SD card. Hidden camera glasses make a great gift for anybody who likes recording video on the go, but still needs to retain the use of their hands while doing so. Once you've captured your covert video, simply remove the SD card from your spy glasses or connect your glasses to your computer, transfer your videos, and share them with the world. BrickHouse also offers low-cost spy glasses without DVRs that allow you to see what's going on directly behind you.