Spy Scopes Give The Gift Of Sight

If you're looking to see long distances or see in the dark, then look no further. BrickHouse Security spy scopes provide intense magnification and/or night vision capabilities for hunters, nature watchers, or anyone else who needs to see in less-than-ideal environments. Some of these professional-grade spy scopes even contain integrated DVRs to easily record everything you see. Portable and easy to use, our spy scopes are ideal for any outdoorsman.

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Did You Know?

Law enforcement and private investigators have relied upon spy scopes for years on stakeouts and other tactical missions. By using a spy scope capable of enhancing a field of view up to 100x, police and PIs are able to identify a suspect hundreds of feet away without drawing attention to themselves. Hunters and outdoorsmen rely on this same element of surprise when spotting a potential target without rustling the ground and spooking the animal.

Some of these spy scopes have an impressive litany of advanced features including water and fog resistance as well as powerful, integrated infrared illuminators. Using a spy night scope you're able to view objects in total darkness at great distances, an ideal feature for dangerous military operations. Military and law enforcement personnel will also find a great deal of use for night vision spy scopes with an integrated head mount kit. See in the dark with this high tech, hands-free spy night scope.

For PIs and outdoors enthusiasts looking to document everything they see, some of our professional-grade spy scopes feature built-in DVRs for recording footage on the go. Zoom in and view your target up to 250 yards away in total darkness and a have a permanent record of your findings with these advanced spy scopes. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, BrickHouse's wide range of optical spy scopes has something for you.

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