When you need to know if someone is watching

From hidden camera and audio bug detectors to professional-grade anti-spy gear, our counter-surveillance solutions are all based on a simple premise: You have the right to know if someone’s watching or listening without your consent.


Our Experts Recommend

Compact & simple to use

Mini Hidden Camera Detector

Find hidden cameras anywhere. This tiny detector is simple to use and small enough to carry everywhere.
View camera feeds in the palm of your hand

Card Styled Bug Detector

Detect wireless bugs and find hidden wireless cameras with this powerful credit card –sized RF detector
Get alerts wherever you go

6GHz Personal RF Detector

Uncover audio and video surveillance gear—including GPS trackers—with this compact RF detector.

Need help choosing a Counter
Surveillance Solution?

Counter Surveillance Solutions from BrickHouse Security give you the tools you need to find the devices you don’t see. Here’s how to choose the one that’s right for you.


Counter Surveillance Equipment Detects Spy Devices

If you're concerned that a person or organization might be invading your privacy, BrickHouse has the counter surveillance solutions you need. You can use a hidden camera detector or audio bug detector to quickly assess what's going on. Our product offerings are all based on a simple premise: You have the right to know for sure if someone's watching or listening without your consent. BrickHouse laser camera finders are the simplest and most economical way to find almost any camera in almost any room, including wired and wireless cams. In addition to spy camera detectors or hidden camera finders and RF bug detection systems, BrickHouse offers a variety of powerful counter surveillance solutions. We also offer phone wire tap detectors, cell phone spy protector boxes, and speech protection systems to ensure the anonymity of any phone conversation.

Surveillance detection devices come in a number of price ranges and functions, from high-level government anti-surveillance tools to portable, personal devices. Whether you're looking to find hidden cameras in a public area or detect spy devices in your home, low-cost counter-surveillance equipment can fit into your budget. If you're looking to find GPS devices, telephone bugs, and more, we'd suggest a higher-level solution to detect spy devices. For help choosing the right counter-surveillance equipment for you, see our Counter surveillance shopping guide.

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